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CONCENTRATION LEVEL III” TRAININGS: A three-day Intensive Application Training


This Concentration Level III training includes:


o A detailed overview of Success-Centered institutional practices through clarifying operational Procedures, Functions, and their Purposes (from Intake functions through Release).



o Teaching “Success-Centered Culture Development” and the ingredients needed to shift from an institutional environment of US and THEM to cultivating an institutional culture of Staff and Youth Partnerships.


o Introducing Safety and Security through instituting a 6-Component Behavior Management System (BMS), and an in-depth examination of each component.


o Teaching institutional Safety and Security through understanding the Balanced 4-Prong Behavior Management Programming (BMP), within the BMS


o In-training technical assistance provided by on-site DRB training consultants, assisting in Building Well-Balanced Behavior Motivating Programming through dissecting and/or developing current institutional BMP.

Concentration Level ( III ) Trainings

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